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Online DBT

Available January 7, 2019. This online DBT offering is a stand alone program for those that are not able to attend our DBT certificate in person in Toronto.

DBT Informed Practice is an online platform for learning the skills of the cognitive-behavioural modality. 

DBT Informed Practice

24 hours / $695 

“Prepare the person for the path, not the path for the person.” In the course of practice, therapists will experience regular clinical encounters with clients who lack the internal skills to tolerate external situations that are painful. Further, these missing skills often serve as a block to the work of deeper therapies, such as MFT, EFT, CBT or ACT. Suitable for practitioners that work in community practice with issues such as suicidality, self-harm, emotion dysregulation and some personality disorders, DBT Informed Practice will teach practitioners how to help clients achieve greater emotional stability. Through eight online modules, students will learn how to apply these strategies across many client contexts, successfully supporting the client toward stabilization of longterm mental health. It is recommended that the student have access to a live client –or someone willing to role play- for this course.

Once payment is received, the student will receive a license key within one week, and can begin course whenever they wish. Each level will require the student to complete a set of 8 modules that will take about 3 hours each. Modules do not have to be done in one sitting, as they are self-directed. The student may progress through the course as quickly or as slowly they wish, though all eight modules must be completed within a maximum of six months. Modules are varied and made up of lectures, viewings, demos, supplemental readings, professional and reflective practice exercises. There are no tests or exams.

Assignments and Textbooks

Assignments are submitted through the online platform. Once all assignments have been submitted, it will take approximately 2-6 weeks to review and return materials. The student will receive their certificate of completion from Adler once this step is complete. Courses will draw from no more than two textbooks per course (texts have been kept under $100 USD per course); students will require these before they begin, and will not be able to complete assignments without them.  

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